3 comments on “Review of Grasping at Eternity (Karen Amanda Hooper)

  1. Haha, I get what you mean about being frustrated with this book. I reviewed it too, here: http://raisedreading.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/book-review-grasping-at-eternity/
    I had to kind of suspend my disbelief that Maryah could remain so oblivious to something going on around her, but other than that it was good. What did you think of Ethan? I liked him, but sometimes he grated on my nerves. He was so obsessed with her, and yet he gave up hope so easily 😦

    • I read you review, and it was dead on. I’m waiting to see if your predictions come true, haha!’Oh, what if they think I’m crazy?’ Newsflash for Maryah: they appear to be crazier than you 😀
      By the way, there are so many characters in this book to keep track of them, so I can’t remember who Ethan is 😦
      But if you’re talking about Nathan, I hated his ‘bright’ idea with the balloon and that he gave up on Maryah so [exasperatingly] easy. What is all that about? Aren’t soul mates supposed to be there for each other through the bad and the good? Plus he could have been more into the whole process of bringing Maryah her memories back, but he was kind of absent during the big stuff. But I’m really glad he came back around, which made for a really cute ending ^^

      • Oops 0_0 No, I definitely meant Nathan. I just had a brain flunk moment where I for some strange reason thought he was called Ethan. But yes, the balloon thing made me insane! Like, out of all the ideas in the world, you think that one’s smart??
        Yes, I’m glad he came around in the end, and hopefully he’ll continue to be a good guy and there for her in the next book.

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